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Valoriser l'essentiel, La Capitale, assurance et services financiers. 75 ans

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Patrons Can Now Help Themselves at the Grande Bibliothèque

As of May 2016, library patrons can pay their late fees using a debit or credit card or cash at two pay stations located on the Grande Bibliothèque’s ground floor. They can also use these self-service stations to check the balance of their virtual purse and deposit money in it, to print materials using the computer stations.

In other news, a self-service return terminal is now available for use outside the Grande Bibliothèque, on Berri Street, enabling patrons to return materials themselves outside of library hours. The terminal, which provides transaction receipts, is operational from Tuesday to Sunday, from 7 pm to 10 am and all day Monday, when the library is closed.

BAnQ Acquires the Archives of Ludmilla Chiriaeff and the Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) is pleased to announce that it has acquired, through donations, two significant archival fonds, that of Ludmilla Chiriaeff, an emblematic figure of the dance scene, who passed away in 1996, as well as that of the Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, a dance company with an international reputation.

To access the archival fonds

The archival fonds of Ludmilla Chiriaeff and the Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal can be accessed at BAnQ Vieux-Montréal. Selected items from the fonds will be digitized and placed online at banq.qc.ca for the benefit of all Quebecers.

These archival fonds were acquired as part of a programme to develop a body of materials focused on the performing arts which includes, in particular, the archival fonds of Fernand Nault, Paul-André Fortier, Jean-Pierre Perreault, Martine Époque, Françoise Riopelle and the Festival international de la nouvelle danse.

A guide to the archives for the Québec dance scene

Last October, BAnQ unveiled its Guide des archives de la danse au Québec, intended to make the sector aware of the importance of preserving archives and managing materials.

This guide, which resulted from the collaborative work of partners in the dance, archival science and educational fields, specifically proposes a classification scheme and a retention schedule tailored for dance organizations, a chapter on archives preservation and the management of storage facilities, and information about legal deposit.

Read the press release

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  • La cuisine de ma grand-mère italienne

    La cuisine de ma grand-mère italienne
    Matteo Agostinelli

  • LoveStar

    Andri Snær Magnason

  • Le guide des bars et pubs de Saguenay

    Le guide des bars et pubs de Saguenay
    Mathieu Arsenault

  • Stalker

    Lars Kepler
    ePub, OverDriveRead

  • La Taverne du diable

    La Taverne du diable
    Jean Féron
    Collection patrimoniale

  • On l'appelait Monsieur le juge

    On l'appelait Monsieur le juge
    Pauline Cloutier

  • XYZ. La revue de la nouvelle

    XYZ. La revue de la nouvelle
    No. 126, Été 2016

  • Here's to Us

    Here's to Us
    Elin Hilderbrand
    ePub, OverDriveRead

  • Raymie Nightingale

    Raymie Nightingale
    Kate DiCamillo
    ePub, OverDriveRead

  • La Villa La Broquerie

    La Villa La Broquerie
    R.P. Archambault
    Collection patrimoniale

  • Littératures autochtones

    Littératures autochtones
    Maurizio Gatti et Louis-Jacques Dorais

  • La trilogie Spin

    La trilogie Spin
    Robert Charles Wilson

  • Révolution à Laval

    Révolution à Laval
    Guillaume Lagarde

  • Face au discours intimidant

    Face au discours intimidant
    Laurent Fidès

  • LaFontaine et son temps

    LaFontaine et son temps
    Alfred D. DeCelles
    Collection patrimoniale

  • Et si...?

    Et si...?
    Randall Munroe

  • Berlin 49

    Berlin 49
    Joseph Kanon

  • La petite fille qui avait avalé un nuage plus grand que la tour Eiffel

    La petite fille qui avait avalé un nuage plus grand que la tour Eiffel
    Romain Puertolas

  • L'immobilier en 2025

    L'immobilier en 2025
    Martin Provencher

  • Traité de l'art métallique

    Traité de l'art métallique
    Alvaro Alonso Barba
    Collection patrimoniale

  • Qu'est-ce que la Préhistoire?

    Qu'est-ce que la Préhistoire?
    Sophie A. de Beaune

  • La reine des cendres

    La reine des cendres
    Guy Booshay

  • The Girls

    The Girls
    Emma Cline
    ePub, OverDriveRead

  • Alors voilà

    Alors voilà
    Baptiste Beaulieu

  • Colonisation le nord

    Colonisation le nord
    B.A.T. de Montigny
    Collection patrimoniale

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