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SQLA: Service québécois du livre adapté - Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.

Online resources

Journals, magazines, newspapers and databases constitute a mine of information on a wide variety of subjects, spanning everything from current events to music and from the human and social sciences to the new technologies, with languages, literature and much more in between. Out of a desire to offer a rich variety of electronic resources, BAnQ librarians have created a sizeable collection by choosing among the products now on the market. More English than French titles are currently available, but we are keeping our eyes peeled in order to build a more balanced collection as new French-language resources are created. BAnQ subscribers can consult most databases from any computer connected to the Internet. However, certain databases can be consulted only on site, in the Grande Bibliothèque, in accordance with agreements with suppliers.

In order to provide persons with perceptual disabilities with facilitated access to the databases, BAnQ negotiates special agreements so that SQLA subscribers can consult the databases on line. To do so, first authenticate yourself by entering your client number. If you are an SQLA subscriber, but do not have a client number, please contact the SQLA staff.

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Resources available


American History in Video 
A collection of video footage with synchronized transcripts featuring events and personalities that shaped the history of the United States, from the discovery of America to contemporary times. Documentaries on George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, the Vietnam War and the American space exploration are just some of the works included. This collection will eventually comprise 5,000 documentaries, reports and newsreel for a total of 2,000 hours, produced by, among others, PBS, History Channel, A&E Networks and the U.S. Government Office of War Information. These videos cannot be downloaded; they can only be viewed online. Resource and interface in English.

Canadian Business and Current Affair
A bibliographic database providing access to all four subsets of Canadian Business & Current Affairs: Business, Education, Reference and Current Events. Full-text access to more than 260 active periodical titles. Resource in English and French. Interface in several languages.

Career Cruising 
A selection of tools to help students plan their future and choose a career. Contains occupation profiles, information on study programs and statistical data on the various occupations. Resource in English and French. Bilingual interface.

Classical Music Library 
Collection of more than 50,000 classical music recordings for online listening. Contains a variety of labels (more than 32). Also contains reference tools on music. Resource in English, interface in English.


Logo Encyclopaedia UniversalisEncyclopaedia Universalis

30,000 articles and 16,000 media, covering all fields of knowledge. Contributions by 4,000 renowned authors, including a number of Nobel Prize winners. This version provides access to the complete monthly features of the last three years; the entire atlas of countries, containing more than 400 physical, political and administrative maps; and the almanac. It also offers a selection of sites and an exclusive Internet search assistant. More than 350,000 direct Internet links have been integrated into the texts.


Environment Complete 
Detailed description to come.


Logo, link to

Formerly known as Biblio branchée, this data bank can be used to search daily, weekly and monthly publications and instantly obtain articles the same day they are published. It contains Québec, English Canadian and European resources. The Canada actualité francophone bank includes the texts of French-language newspapers, periodicals and business publications: La Presse, Le Soleil, Le Devoir, L'actualité, Les Affaires, Affaires Plus, Le Droit, La Presse Canadienne, VOIR, Le Nouvelliste, L'Acadie Nouvelle, PME, Commerce, Gestion, La Voix de l'Est, La Tribune, Le Quotidien (Chicoutimi). Numerous regional Québec weeklies are also included. In addition to the small number of English-language resources in the data bank are articles from 12 major European titles. Resource in French. Bilingual interface.


Logo Grand Robert de la langue françaiseGrand Robert de la langue française

French monolingual dictionary. Electronic version of the latest edition of the Grand Robert de la langue française, published in 2001. Includes 100,000 word entries with pronunciation, etymology, synonyms, antonyms and homonyms; conjugation tables of 10,000 verbs; 25,000 phrases, idioms and proverbs; 325,000 quotations as well as 2,000 biographies drawn from the Robert encyclopédique des noms propres. Resource in French. Interface in French.


Logo Robert CollinsGrand Robert & Collins électronique

Language dictionary composed of two bilingual dictionaries, the Robert & Collins Senior and the Robert & Collins Super Senior. Catalogues more than 500,000 words and phrases; over one million translations; pre-recorded pronunciation of over 65,000 words in English and 10,000 words in French; more than 7,000 set phrases and 400 translated proverbs illustrated to serve as examples; full conjugation of every verb in the dictionary (French and English), and much more. Resource in French. Interface in French.


Logo Petit RobertLe Petit Robert

French monolingual dictionary. Includes 60,000 word entries with pronunciation, etymology, synonyms, opposites and homonyms; conjugation tables of 6,500 verbs; 13,000 phrases, idioms and proverbs; 35,000 quotations as well as 820 biographies drawn from the Robert encyclopédique des noms propres. Resource in French. Interface in French.


Logo Robert JuniorLe Robert Junior

French monolingual dictionary for children. Includes 20,000 word entries selected according to curricula; synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms; 2,000 drawings and photos; illustrated plates (big cats, trees, etc.); two atlases (the world and the French-speaking world), and much more. Resource in French. Interface in French.


Santé en français [Consumer Health Information French
This general database covers all aspects of healthcare, including cancer, pregnancy issues, mental disorders and infections. The information is provided through articles written by health specialists and reviewed by doctors. This French-only module complements the Consumer Health Information database, which consists of articles in English only. Resource and interface in French.



Tap'Touche en ligne is an online tool for learning and improving keyboarding skills. It includes an exercise section covering all keyboard characters, a practice section for improving technique, an ergonomics section with advice and information on good work habits and, finally, a game that provides practice as well as improving performance. Resource in French. Interface in French.


Universalis Junior 
An online ecyclopedia especially designed for children and young teenagers. A tool to develop general culture and to learn how to do research. Includes a “Le saviez-vous?” heading, a book of pictures of artistic masterpieces and an atlas. Resource and interface in French.