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Return materials

Top.Loan period

The loan period lasts 21 days, except for films intended for subscribers aged 13 and over (7 days). Television series can be checked out for up to 21 days.

Borrowed items must be returned before or by the due date or you will have to pay overdue fines.

A transaction slip is issued when you check out items at the ground floor service desk (comptoir de service) or at the self-checkout stations. This slip lists the items you have borrowed as well as their respective due dates. Keep this slip until you have returned the items.

You are responsible for returning each item borrowed before or by the due date written on the transaction slip.


Top.The self-service check-in station

Picture of the self-service check-in station.

During the opening hours of the Grande Bibliothèque, you can return materials at one of the four self-service return terminals located in the hall.

When you check in materials:

  • Make sure that CDs and DVDs are in their cases
  • Insert items one at a time
  • Press on the Done button
  • Choose whether to print a receipt or not

When only the News and new releases section is open, you can still check in materials at one of the four self-service return terminals in the hall.

At all time, you can also use the outside self-service check-in terminal on Berri Street

Top.When the library is closed

Picture of the drop chutes located outside the Grande Bibliothèque.

Outside opening hours, you can place your items in the drop chutes located by the main entrance outside the Grande Bibliothèque, or use the self-service check-in terminal located close to the Berri Street entrance.

Materials borrowed through interlibrary loan must be returned at the information desk (comptoir d'accueil).

Very large format items and vinyl records must be returned at the ground floor service desk (comptoir de service).


Top.Return materials in other BAnQ facilities

If you live in a region outside Montréal and check out materials at the Grande Bibliothèque while you are passing through, you can return them in one of BAnQ's facilities, during opening hours with the exception of BAnQ Québec, BAnQ Vieux-Montréal and BAnQ Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie. In Québec City and Montréal, use the interlibrary book return instead (see below).

Top.Interlibrary book return

With certain exceptions, you can return the books and magazines checked out at the Grande Bibliothèque to any library operated by Ville de Montréal (list of libraries) or Ville de Québec (list of libraries), and vice-versa.


Some items are excluded from the interlibrary book return service:

  • CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, audio books and video cassettes
  • Video games
  • Materials borrowed through interlibrary loan
  • Very large format items
  • Rental best sellers
  • Multimedia sets (for example, language-learning methods)
  • Roadmaps or tourist attraction maps


Top.Materials belonging to other libraries

Only participating Montréal libraries and Québec City network libraries have an agreement regarding returns with the Grande Bibliothèque.

If you return at the Grande Bibliothèque materials from a library that does not participate in the interlibrary book return service, you may be charged late fees and other administrative fees. You remain responsible for the items until they are returned to the library of origin.


Top.Incomplete items

Make sure items are complete when you return them.

If you return an incomplete item, without its booklet or CD for instance, the item will be logged into your record as borrowed once more. A staff member will contact you to let you know. Late fees will be charged to your record if the missing item is returned after the due date. To return the missing item, please go to the information desk (comptoir d'information) or the ground floor service desk (comptoir de service).