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Overdue materials

Borrowed materials must be returned to the Grande Bibliothèque on or before the due date or late fees will be charged.

A transaction slip is issued when you check out materials at the ground floor service desk or at self-checkout stations. The slip provides a list of the items you have borrowed and their respective due date. Keep the slip until you return the items.

When an item is more than six days late, a loan renewal is no longer possible.


Late fees:

  • Vinyl records, CDs*, DVDs, Blu-rays and video games for adults: $0.50/day
  • Other library materials for adults: $0.30/day

* All the CDs in the Music and film section (on Level 4) are categorized as adult CDs.

There are no late fees for materials from the Espace Jeunes (the children's library).

Late fees can be paid:

  • by Visa or MasterCard in your online subscriber's account;
  • by Visa, MasterCard, debit card or cash at a ground floor pay station or service desk at the Grande Bibliothèque.

TopOverdue notices

Seven (7) days after the due date, BAnQ notifies the patron by phone or by mail.

Fourteen (14) days after the due date, BAnQ sends an overdue notice by mail.

Twenty-one (21) days after the due date, BAnQ issues a bill. The amount charged includes:

  • the cost of the item;
  • the administrative fees ($3 for a periodical and $10 for any other item);

Your library privileges will be withdrawn until the bill is settled or until the materials are returned and the late fees paid.

BAnQ may hire a collection agency to recover outstanding debts.