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Borrowing procedure for BAnQ audio books through interlibrary loan (ILL)

As an SQLA subscriber, you can borrow audio books from BAnQ's universal collection. To take advantage of this service, you must be a member of your local library, where you can pick up the books once your library has received them from BAnQ.

These audio books are not adapted materials, but commercial editions that are available to all. Some titles can be listened to on a CD or an MP3 player.

To borrow an audio book, you must first find it in the Iris catalogue through the Catalogue des bibliothèques du Québec.

How to submit a request to your local library:

  • submit your interlibrary loan (ILL) request using the usual procedure of the borrowing library (in person, by telephone, e-mail or online);
  • the request is prepared and submitted by the staff of your local library.


You can also submit your request directly through the Catalogue des bibliothèques du Québec if your local library belongs to the VDX interlibrary loan management system.

How to submit your request directly:

  • go to the Catalogue des bibliothèques du Québec web site;
  • click on the Sign in link;
  • fill in the User ID, Password and Library of attachment fields by entering the information regarding your local library subscription, not your BAnQ subscription;
  • click on the Submit button;
  • once you have been signed in, click on the ILL request link;
  • fill in the fields regarding the requested item;
  • in the Special instructions field, enter your name and 8-digit BAnQ client number;
  • click on the Submit button to confirm your request.


Terms and conditions:

  • the ILL policies of your borrowing library apply;
  • you must pick up and return materials at your local library according to its terms and conditions.