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Electronic music rooms

Studios for amateur musicians

The music and film section, on Level 4 of the Grande Bibliothèque, places two electronic music rooms at the disposal of subscribers aged 14 and older, free of charge. The rooms are small studios where you can perform, manipulate or create an audio recording in electronic format. One or two persons can reserve each room.


Each electronic music room has:

  • a multimedia station
  • a MIDI keyboard
  • an audio/video receiver
  • two pairs of earphones
  • one pair of loudspeakers


Each electronic music room is equipped with software for three basic activities:

  • learning music
  • performing
  • creating music

So, you can read or write printed or electronic scores, and create or perform a track and burn it to CD-ROM.

At the service of patrons

At the service desk of the music and film section, staff is on hand to give you basic information on operating the equipment. The staff also provides troubleshooting assistance during opening hours. However, you must learn on your own how to operate the provided software. Instruction manuals are available on-site.


In order to use an electronic music room, your record must be in good standing. You must also reserve a station. Reservations can be made at the Grande Bibliothèque, either with staff at the service desk of the music and film section by showing your subscriber’s card, or from one of the catalogue workstation or multimedia station. You can also reserve online from a remote location.