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Subscribing lets you access every digital resource offered, and borrow e-books.

To borrow materials at the Grande Bibliothèque (printed books, CDs, DVDs, etc.), you need a library card that you can obtain by joining BAnQ and subscribing to all its services.

In both cases, joining is free of charge for Québec residents.

Non-residents cannot access digital resources requiring login, but they can access other services by subscribing to all the services, for a fee.

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Fill out the form by providing a valid address in Québec. You will receive a client number and a password that will let you access online resources and borrow e-books, wherever you are.

The subscription remains valid for as long as you are a Québec resident.


When you join, you agree to:

  • comply with BAnQ's Patron code of conduct;
  • inform BAnQ of any change of name, address, phone number or other information in order to keep your account up to date.

Haut.Modify your account

Here's how you can modify your contact information.

Phone numbers Email Password Address, if you are a full-service subscriber Address, if you are an online service subscriber only
By telephone: 514 873-1100, option 2 or 1 800 363-9028, option 2 X X X X X
By email X X X X
In "My accout" »" on BAnQ's web portal X X X
In one of BAnQ's facilities X X X X X