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The witcher : music from the Netflix orginal series
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The witcher : music from the Netflix orginal series

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Disque 1: Geralt of Riva -- Toss a coin to your witcher -- Happy childhoods make for dull company -- The time of axe and sword is now -- They're alive -- Tomorrow I'll leave Blaviken for good -- Her sweet kiss -- It's an ultimatum -- Round of applause -- Giltine the artist -- Marilka that's my name -- I'm helping the idiot -- The knight who was taught to save dragons -- Ragamuffin -- The last rose of Cintra -- Late wee pups don't get to bark -- You will rule this land someday -- Battle of Marnadal -- Man in black -- The great cleansing -- The law of surprise -- Blaviken Inn -- Pretty ballads hide bastard truths -- The fishmonger's daughter.Disque 2: The end's beginning -- Gold dragons are the rarest -- Everytime you leave -- Rewriting history -- Djinni djinn djinn -- Yennefer of Vengerberg -- Do you acturally have what it takes -- Here's your destiny -- Two vows here tonight -- Point me to Temeria -- You think you're safe -- Would you honor me with a dance -- The pensive Dragon Inn -- Four marks -- Today isn't your day is it -- Lovely rendez-vous a1 la montagne -- The white flame has brought us together -- A gift for the princess -- You'll have to fight it until dawn -- I'm the one with the wishes -- The song of the white wolf.

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