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How to see : looking, talking, and thinking about art
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How to see : looking, talking, and thinking about art

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How to give form to an idea. Alex Katz: the how and the what ; Amy Sillman: a modern-day action painter ; Christopher Wool: painting with its own megaphone ; The German miracle: the work of Sigmar Polke ; Robert Gober: the heart is not a metaphor ; Albert Oehlen: the good student ; Dana Schutz: a guy named Frank ; Roy Lichtenstein: change is hard ; The art of childhood: Jeff Koons at the Whitney ; John Baldessari's movie script series ; The success gene: Wade Guyton and Rosemarie Trockel -- Being an artist. Vito Acconci: the body artist ; The Petite cinema of John Baldessari ; Karole Armitage and the art of collaboration ; The camera blinks ; Old guys painting ; The grapplers: Marsden Hartley, Philip Guston, and Clyfford Still ; Urs Fischer: waste management ; Jack Goldstein: clinging to the life raft ; Sad clown: the art of Mike Kelley ; Frank Stella at the Whitney ; Provincialism without a capital: the art of Thomas Houseago ; Frederic Tuten: the art of appropriation -- Art in the world. André Derain and Courbet's palette ; Picabia, c'est moi ; Baby's giant bean ; Lovely music: the art of Barbara Bloom ; Structure rising ; Piero della Francesca -- Pedagogy and polemics. The '80s -- what were they good for? A lecture delivered at the Milwaukee Museum of Art ; A talk for the first day of class ; Art is not a popularity contest: a commencement address given at the new York Academy of Art, 2011 ; Questions without answers for John Baldessari.

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