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The National collection

Photo d'une lampe banquier.

The Grande Bibliothèque's collections are housed in two large wood-panelled areas, called “wooden rooms” in honour of Anne Hébert's novel “Les Chambres de Bois” (translated as “Silent Rooms”).

In an atmosphere conducive to research, the Collection nationale is distributed over three levels surrounding a reading room of exceptional character (which makes up one of the “wooden rooms”). As required for valuable heritage collections, the space is subject to the highest control standards and the materials are available for on-the-spot reference use only.

The collection includes books, reference works, government publications and microforms directly available on shelves or in filing cabinets, as well as periodicals and newspapers in mobile stacks that can be accessed with the help of BAnQ staff.

Photo de la salle de lecture de la Collection nationale.

In some cases, only copies of documents are made available for viewing due to the fragile condition of the original works. For some early, rare or fragile items, special viewing conditions may be required.

The reading room is equipped with photocopiers, reader-digitizers and computer workstations. BAnQ also provides patrons with digital copy services, with printouts in various size and on a variety of media such as digital images, digital colour laser printouts, and large-scale inkjet printouts.

Study carrels are available for researchers, upon reservation.


Reference services by appointment

The National collection's specialized librarians provide personalized services, both on site and by phone, to guide you with complex research projects. They can help you develop a more efficient research strategy. To learn more.


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Bibliographic selections
The National collection's librarians periodically suggest theme-based bibliographic selections. The featured materials are available for on-the-spot reference use only.

Available in French only: