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Since the early days of the Web, a significant number of sites have been created in Québec. Each day, new sites appear while others disappear or are remodelled. Media platforms may evolve, but information remains a fundamental part of our heritage material. This is why BAnQ takes an interest in Web sites. Keeping track of ephemeral content posted on a constantly evolving medium is a daunting challenge.

In 2009, BAnQ, like other national libraries, undertook the selective harvesting of Web sites from Québec. Unable to preserve them all, BAnQ targets sites that are representative of Québec-centric activity on the Web. Sites collected can be accessed online or in BAnQ facilities, depending on the authorizations granted by publishers.

The collection presented here does not include all of the sites archived by BAnQ. There may, in fact, be a significant delay between the time when a site is harvested and when BAnQ publishes the results.

The current state of harvesting techniques does not always permit the accurate reproduction of dynamic features, which explains some of the glitches you may encounter while browsing. However, the gist of the sites' information and design has been retained. Thanks to Web archiving, new contents are preserved for future generations.