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Science and technology

Would you like to:

  • transplant an orchid?
  • gaze at the stars?
  • understand the Pythagorean theorem or quantum theory?
  • build a patio?

Those are just a few of the subjects and activities that you can discover by looking in the science and technology collection, on Level 2 of the Grande Bibliothèque.

The collection covers both the pure and the applied sciences. Works on mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and zoology will be found alongside works on medicine , homeopathy, cooking, clothes making, horticulture, dog raising and building construction.

Le Monde de l'auto, Québec Science, L'Actualité médicale, Rénovation bricolage are just some of the titles of periodicals in science and technology that you can leaf through.

A team of librarians will help you choose the best online and print search tools from the imposing collection of reference resources available. If a dictionary of medicine, an encyclopedia of butterflies, a glossary of electronics, a guide to inventions or an atlas of anatomy is what you need, you'll find one, as well as other works with answers to your questions, from the simplest to the most unusual.