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At Mount Royal Look-Out, Montreal.

At Mount Royal Look-Out, Montreal,
post card, Montréal / Toronto,
Valentine and Sons' Publishing Co., circa 1910.

Do you want to know more about Québec history? Gather information about the great empires? Learn about life in the Middle Ages? Read about World War II?

BAnQ's history collection includes materials available on level 3 of the Grande Bibliothèque, and online resources. Among other things, you will find:

  • numerous reference works;
  • a wide variety of books, including a large number of new releases;
  • e-books;
  • other online resources, including history databases.

This vast collection covers all historical periods as well as events and major figures of history. 

Librarians are available, on site and online, to help you choose and use the appropriate research tools.

Examples of themes and historical periods

Nouvelle-France, Québec, 1700.

New-France, Québec, 1700.
Centre d'archives de Montréal,
Bourassa family fonds (P266, S4, P122).
Engraving in SULTE, Benjamin,
Histoire des Canadiens-Français, 1608-1880,
Montréal, Wilson, 1882-1884, vol. 2, p. 48.