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Reference resources of the universal collection

The reference resources of the universal collection available at the Grande Bibliothèque address your informational, educational, cultural, research and recreational needs in all fields.

  • They include printed reference-only works intended for in-library use in every section of the Grande Bibliothèque as well as online resources available to the subscribers of Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ).
  • Reference resources consist essentially of encyclopedias, almanacs, directories, indexes, atlases, databases and a number of specialized resources.
  • They include effective search tools to target information in BAnQ's collections and in those of other libraries.
  • They provide rapid access to a multitude of data regarding the city of Montréal, Québec, Canada and the world.
  • They contain standard reference works that are useful for writing texts, such as dictionaries and grammars.

Some subjects are covered more extensively:

The general encyclopedias and other general reference works are located on Level 3 of the Grande Bibliothèque, in the History, humanities and social science section (Histoire, sciences humaines et sociales).

Librarian providing assistance to a user. The News and new releases section (Actualités et nouveautés), located on the ground floor, has standard reference works for everyday information.

The children's library (Espace Jeunes) provides young people 13 years old and under reference works adapted to every reading level and age group.

BAnQ's library staff is on hand to assist you with your research, whether on site or remotely.