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Arts collections

For art lovers, our collections offer numerous works on art, art history, architecture, sculpture and ceramics, metal arts, drawing, the decorative arts, painting, engraving, photography and cinema. Our collections also include works on ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman art as well as on Amerindian, European, Canadian and Québec art. The arts collections can also be used to discover the various artistic movements in painting, sculpture and drawing. They also contain numerous documents on the history of architecture, architectural styles and contemporary architecture of Québec and throughout the world.

Fine arts, decorative arts, crafts, urban planning and architecture: the arts collections contain a broad selection of books and artistic books: works about the history of art, documents about contemporary art, monographs and biographies of artists, exhaustive catalogues, exhibit and museum catalogues, as well as various documents concerning the visual arts, photography and cinema.

The books are catalogued by topic and can be found under the following call numbers:



Art and art history


Graphic arts and engraving


Cinema, recreational activities and performance arts


Drawing, decorative arts and crafts


Painting and painters




Sculpture and ceramics


Landscaping and area planning



The reference collection of the Arts and literature section offers many documents for on-site consultation in the field of the arts, specifically encyclopedias, and art history dictionaries, indices, painters' price lists, auction catalogues, stamp catalogues, coins or antiquities, etc.


Electronic resources for the arts

BAnQ offers its users a rich selection of on-line periodicals, e-books and databases on art history.