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News and new releases

The news and new documents section.

The News and new releases section is the showcase for new acquisitions at the Grande Bibliothèque. A range of recent publications for adults are available here. Titles that are popular or have received extensive media coverage are found alongside books on current issues, literary-award-winning books and works by renowned authors. All materials are available in several copies and are sure to fire up your curiosity.

Looking for the latest mystery novel by your favourite author? Seeking information on a current issue? Feel like leafing through the main daily newspapers or browsing the Web? The News and new releases section has what you need!

In the way of books, the area has:

  • novels and non-fiction works on a wide variety of topics (cooking, gardening, renovating and do-it-yourselfing, animals, travel, jobs, etc.),
  • pocket books,
  • large print books,
  • reference works,
  • a collection for persons with disabilities.

In order to cover all things current, the section also offers periodicals, which you can borrow, and Québec, Canadian and foreign newspapers. Finally, there are a number of multimedia stations where patrons can access the Internet or refer to databases and digitized materials of every kind. Certain high-tech equipment (adapted multimedia stations, specialized software, an adapted work room) is at the disposal of persons with disabilities.

The varied collections and the layout of the News and new releases section were chosen to make it an attractive, welcoming place. You will enjoy walking around and checking out the latest releases. Located a short step away from the main entrance, the News and new releases section has everything for every taste!