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Digital collection

BAnQ has adopted a wide-ranging digitization program that would cover the entire published and archival documentary heritage produced in Québec since the 17th century, or of foreign origin and related to Québec. All categories of materials are included: printed and handwritten material, photographs, sound recordings and so on. BAnQ's digital collection is developing on an ongoing basis and all these resources are available free of charge.

The digitization and on-lining of these resources have been carried out in compliance with copyright law. BAnQ ensures that it has obtained the required authorizations from the rightful owners for all the works protected under the terms of the current legislation.


Most popular collections

Montage photo de rayonnage de publications officielles entreposées à BAnQ diffusé sur écran d'ordinateur portable.

 Publications numériques du Québec

Lists monographs, periodicals, maps and plans published and distributed by hundreds of organizations and publishers in Québec. Its interface allows full-text searches of thousands of digital publications received by BAnQ since 2001 as part of the legal deposit programme.

François-Xavier Habermann, Vuë de la Place capitale dans la Ville basse a Québec, 1775.


Dynamically includes over 50,000 iconographic materials: posters, postcards, prints, photographs and other images.

Le Canadien, 1806-1909 (Québec).

 Québec periodicals and newspapers

BAnQ’s digital collection of Québec magazines and newspapers brings together an ever-growing number of titles, including many that allow full-text search.

Joan Blaeu, Extrema Americae, versus boream, ubi Terra Nova, Nova Francia, adjcentiaque.

 Maps and plans

A digital collection providing access to thousands of cartographic items digitized by BAnQ.

Image de l'immeuble du siège social de la compagnie Lovell Litho & Publications Inc. situé au 423 de la rue St-Nicolas, dans le Vieux-Montréal.

 Lovell directories of Montréal and its suburbs

A wealth of information for anyone interested in genealogy, social history, building history or urban geography.

 Québec registers of civil status, from the beginnings to 1913

BAnQ is gradually posting online the Registres de l'état civil du Québec for the 1900-1913 period (acts of birth, marriage and death).

Une de la Gazette officielle du Québec.

 Gazette officielle du Québec

The Québec government formally record its decisions in the State's official newspaper. It contains all the published acts, regulations, decrees, orders and notices. It allows full-text searches.

Portrait de E.-Z. Massicotte.

 Albums de rues E.-Z. Massicotte

Massicotte's street album represents a wealth of visual information on one of Montréal's most thriving periods. Its 6000 illustrations consist of photographs, postcards and drawings from newspapers.