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National Archives in Gatineau

Territory covered: Outaouais region
Inaugurated in 1977 

Vast resources collected in a single location

Pointe Gatineau.

View of Pointe Gatineau, circa 1975.
National Archives in Gatineau, fonds Conrad Bouffard (P144).
Photographer: Conrad Bouffard.

The National Archives in Gatineau covers a territory with an area of 30,504 square kilometres. It is part of the network of 10 Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) archives centres located throughout Québec.

Dedicated to the preservation and development of the Outaouais region's archives, it offers researchers and the general public a reading room and efficient staffers to guide them in the use of the wide range of research tools and materials the centre holds. Every year, it welcomes thousands of patrons, essentially from the educational and professional sectors. They use the centre's services for research concerning the history of their families, localities or regions.

The National Archives in Gatineau provides testimonials about the history of the Outaouais region since the middle of the 19th century. The entire collection includes:

  • more than 1 720 linear metres of textual documents;
  • more than 46 200 maps and plans;
  • more than 187 700 photographs;
  • more than 840 audiovisual materials;
  • more than 1 945 digital-born documents
Portrait of Louisa Trudeau.

Louisa Trudeau, circa 1865.
National Archives in Gatineau, Familles Mackay-Papineau fonds (P17).
Photographer: A. B. Tabor.


The public archives are primarily composed of materials from the regional offices of government departments, judicial archives and notarized contracts. The most important fonds include those of the:

  • ministère des Transports;
  • Office de planification et de développement du Québec;
  • Secrétariat au développement des régions;
  • Commission d'étude sur la région de l'Outaouais;
  • Superior Court;
  • magistrate's court;
  • municipal courts.


The private archives include manuscripts, photographs, maps and architectural plans. They represent the history of individuals and families, economic development and the importance of the forestry industry in the region, as well as the cultural vitality of the Outaouais region. The principal collections include the:

  • Mackay-Papineau families fonds;
  • Champlain Marcil fonds;
  • Foster Bennett fonds;
  • François-Samuel Mackay family fonds;
  • Aimé Guertin fonds;
  • Foran family fonds;
  • James Maclaren Company fonds;
  • Ernest St-Jean fonds;
  • Conseil de la sculpture du Québec fonds.


Certified private archives services and Partners

Installed at the Maison de la culture de Gatineau, the National Archives in Gatineau participates in a partnership with public and private organizations:

 Check the Certified private archives services list (in French only) to find the one in your region. 

Contact information

Group photo.

Class of Grade 1 boys, 1948.
National Archives in Gatineau, Romulus Beauparlant fond, (P22).
Unidentified photographer.

National Archives in Gatineau
855, boulevard de la Gappe
Gatineau (Québec)  J8T 8H9

Opening hours
Monday through Friday: from 8:30 am to 12 noon and from 1 pm to 4:30 pm
Tuesday and Wednesday evening: from 7 pm to 10 pm (on-site reference use of archival materials by appointment only)

Saturday and Sunday: closed

Telephone: 819 568-8798 or 1 800 363-9028
Fax: 819 568-5933
E-mail: archives.gatineau@banq.qc.ca