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So much to discover, read, see and hear about the history of Québec

Archivist in front of boxes that contain archive documents.

Photo: Alain Michon

Government departments and agencies as well as courts give BAnQ their documents which are intended for permanent preservation. The judicial and civil archives (notaries' records and civil status registers) provide information about various aspects of the social, family, real estate and economic lives of individuals; people can use the information contained in such documents to learn about their history and exercise their rights. To complement this "official heritage", BAnQ also acquires private archives from individuals, families, organizations and companies with varied horizons and multiple spheres of activity.

Responsible for promoting the preservation and accessibility of private archives, BAnQ offers its expertise and advice to organizations that hold private archives. It supports them by providing financial assistance and recognizing the professional quality and wealth of the collections preserved by some of them.

BAnQ promotes the preservation of archives in their original settings so that they can be better used and understood. For this reason, it fulfils its archival mission through 10 archives centres. The public archives preserved in the regional centres concern the activities of the various government departments that oversee the application of government policies in each of the regions.

In pleasant consultation rooms, guided by personnel prepared to open the doors of history and genealogy, the public has access to rich archival collections and fonds. On-site or remotely, staff members also receive and process requests from both the general public and specialists.

In the archives centres, you will find…

A computer screen that displays archives documents.

Photo: Pierre Perrault

BAnQ's 10 archives centres provide a variety of services to the various groups that use them: consultation rooms, specialized materials (archives, genealogy, local and regional history), the loan of printed and microfilm works between archives centres, photocopies of written documents and the reproduction of visual and audio material, exhibitons and guided tours, educational activities and introductions to genealogical research, services provided by mail, fax and email, remote access to certain services, research tools and hundreds of thousands of items through the BAnQ web portal at banq.qc.ca.

A network of partners

BAnQ relies on a network of partners to promote the handling of the archival heritage in the setting where it originated. It focuses on the presence and active involvement of certified private archives services as an extension of its own network with respect to both expertise and the development of the private archive heritage. These services have been certified by BAnQ, confirming the high quality of their organization and their work.

BAnQ also works closely with other partners such as historical societies and federations of history and genealogical societies, associations and groups of archives and archivistic services, religious communities and corporations.


Preserving and promoting the archives

Archives boxes on a shelf.

Montréal archives centre
Photo: Alain Michon

The archives centres:

  • preserve and develop the regional archival heritage;
  • support public organizations with respect to the management of their administrative material;
  • advise private sector organizations with respect to their efforts to develop their archival heritage.

Most of the archives centres are equipped with exhibition areas where they can present regional history and the wealth of the collections held by BAnQ and its partners.

BAnQ houses more than 60 linear kilometres of written documents, namely the equivalent of approximately 180,000 archive boxes, 750,000 maps, plans and aerial photographs, 14 million photographs, engravings and drawings and 70,000 hours of films, videos and sound recordings. Just imagine everything there is to discover, read, see and hear about the history of Québec and about the men and women who have been shaping it for four centuries!

The Pistard database, available on BAnQ's Web portal, can be used to locate the items desired. The availability of an increasing number of digitized documents for online viewing enhances accessibility. BAnQ's Web portal also contains research tools that can be used to reconstitute family history, among other things.


Contact information

A room of the Outaouais archives centre.

BAnQ Gatineau
Photo: Asahi photo

As the largest cultural institution in Québec in terms of its attendance and diversified missions, and an essential pillar of the knowledge society, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) has the mandate to offer democratic access to culture and knowledge. To this end, it collects, preserves and highlights Québec and Québec-related documentary heritage. In addition to its archives centres, BAnQ includes the preservation centre and the Grande Bibliothèque in Montréal.

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