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Published Monday December 6, 2021

More Good News for Patrons

Easing of restrictions for the National Archives and the Grande Bibliothèque

The National Archives in Montréal.

The National Archives in Montréal. Photo: Alain Michon.

Patrons of the National Archives and the Grande Bibliothèque have something to celebrate.

The reading rooms of National Archives centres throughout Quebec are once again accessible without appointment to people wishing to do individual work.

At the Grande Bibliothèque, patrons can once again visit the Café Le Parva, where they can place take-out orders.

Remember that patrons of the Grande Bibliothèque can once again enter and leave through the Metro access, as well as all doors.

Basic sanitary measures will remain in effect.


    Proof of vaccination

    Please note that it is not necessary to present a vaccine passport to enter BAnQ buildings. A passport is not required for school groups or participants in most activities (workshops, story time, talks, etc.).

    However, proof of vaccination with a QR code (printed, electronic or via the VaxiCode application) is required to attend certain activities held in our auditoriums. Government-issued photo identification will also be requested.

    Proof of vaccination is required for:

    • all activities (except those involving school groups) taking place in the auditoriums of the Grande Bibliothèque and the Québec National Archives in Montreal;
    • on-site dining at the Bistro Le Parva.