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Published Thursday December 23, 2021

Modified Preventive Measures at the Grande Bibliothèque

Updated January 5

The Grande Bibliothèque remains open, but we must add new measures considering the public health situation:

  • Anyone entering the Grande Bibliothèque must wear a procedural mask. Users who do not have one will be given one at the entrance.
  • The Le Parva restaurant is temporarily closed.
  • On-site events are cancelled up to and including February 6, 2022.

The following measures remain in effect.

  • The Grande Bibliothèque closes at 7 pm on weeknights until further notice.
  • The Metro and De Maisonneuve entrances are the only ones open. The Savoie–Saint-Denis, Jardin d’art–Ontario and Berri entrances are closed.
  • Maximum capacity is set at 400 individuals.
  • Additional security guards are posted on the premises to ensure compliance with health guidelines.
  • It is forbidden to eat on site, even cold snacks (patrons are still allowed to briefly remove their mask to drink).
  • Some seated spots have been removed to ensure they are 2 metres apart.

The Grande Bibliothèque is committed to protecting the health of its patrons and employees alike. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you limit the duration of your onsite visit. Thank you for your understanding.