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Published Wednesday March 13, 2019

Ten Years of Harvesting Québec Websites

The Web is a key source of information, and a significant part of its content (such as blogs or videos) is exclusive. This makes it an essential, yet volatile and ephemeral source for those who want to study our society, whether today or in the future. Websites are part of Québec’s heritage materials. As such, they must be preserved and made available.

In 2009, after several years of work and reflection, BAnQ began to harvest and archive Québec websites.

Over 12,500 captures have been carried out so far, and the websites of over 1200 organizations are now available through an interface providing access to over 125,792,070 documents taking up 31 terabytes of space on BAnQ servers. Measure 58 of Québec’s Digital Cultural Plan has helped make this work possible, recently supporting the development of tools to manage the harvesting process, ensure quality control, and make harvested websites available.

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