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SQLA: Service québécois du livre adapté - Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.


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Document loans

Terms and conditions

Subscribers can borrow a maximum of 10 audio titles, and a maximum of 18 volumes in braille. The loan period cannot exceed 75 days.

A loan renewal is possible if the document has not been requested by another subscriber.

There are two modes of circulation: borrowing upon request and borrowing according to reader profile.

To borrow a document upon request, a subscriber must go in person to the reception desk or phone 514 873-4454 or, toll free, 1 866 410-0844, or send an e-mail to

Upon request

All loan requests must include:

the subscriber's name and address; the day's date; the complete document identification number, if the work is from the audio collection; the document title and author's name , if the work is from the braille collection.

According to reader profile

To borrow a document according to his or her profile, a subscriber must first have informed the specialized staff of his or her tastes and interests. To do so, he or she must call 514 873-4454 or, toll free, 1 866 410-0844.

This mode of circulation enables a subscriber to receive titles regularly, without making a specific request.

A subscriber can also modify his or her profile.

Free delivery

Recorded books and braille books are delivered free of charge to the subscriber's home by Canada Post.

Alternatively, a subscriber can go to the circulation desk, where a staff member will be pleased to serve him or her.

Interlibrary loan (ILL)

There are a number of adapted book libraries throughout the world. An interlibrary loan is made when a subscriber wishes to borrow a document that is in a foreign language or in a format meeting his or her needs, and the document comes from another library.

Services offered in the Grande Bibliothèque

New equipment and software are also at your disposal for in-library consultation or use: