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SQLA: Service québécois du livre adapté - Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.

Frequently Asked Questions


Tours of the Grande Bibliothèque

Q. I would like to borrow items from the Grande Bibliothèque that are not in the SQLA's collections, but I haven't received a library card. What do I have to do?

A. With a subscription to the SQLA, you are not limited to borrowing SQLA documents. You can also borrow, onsite, the other documents available at the Grande Bibliothèque. If you plan to borrow documents at the library and haven't already received your library card, contact the SQLA. A staff member will see that you receive a card by mail. If you are already at the library, stop by the reception desk on the ground level of the Grande Bibliothèque and ask to see an SQLA staff member.

Top of the page.Q. I know someone with a visual impairment who would like to learn how to use JAWS to navigate the Web on his own. Is that possible on the adapted equipment available at the Grande Bibliothèque?

A. The SQLA provides basic support for its adapted stations, as well as for its portal and catalogue, the various information sources offered by BAnQ and documentary research. However, it does not offer courses or support for learning the software, including JAWS, installed on the adapted stations. To learn how to use the software, contact the rehabilitation centre in your region.