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SQLA: Service québécois du livre adapté - Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.

Frequently Asked Questions


Acquisition suggestions

Q. I'd like to suggest the acquisition of a specific title for the audio or Braille book collection. Who do I get in touch with?

A. You can make your suggestion to the SQLA by phone or by e-mailing

Top of the page.Q. The book I suggested to you months ago still isn't available. Why?

A. The audio and Braille books we acquire are not commercially available in alternative formats. We call on specialized suppliers and are dependent on production times. A title can take months to produce, so we cannot predict when it will become available.

Top of the page.Q. Will I receive a copy automatically when the book I suggested you acquire becomes available?

A. We recommend that you stay abreast of availability by contacting the SQLA or by consulting the online catalogue or the lists of new releases. You can be granted borrowing priority when the book you suggested becomes available.