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Frequently Asked Questions


Adapted playback devices

Q. What is an adapted playback device?

A. An adapted playback device is a device for listening to books recorded in a format accessible to people with visual impairments. Four-track cassette players and CD players for DAISY format are examples of such devices, which are available only at rehabilitation centres.

Top of the page.Q. What is a Victor player?

A. Victor is the name of a range of devices designed and produced by HumanWare to read CDs recorded in DAISY format. Table, headset and software models exist.

Top of the page.Q. Do I need a tape player or a digital player?

A. By regulation of the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec, only digital players will be lent free of charge from now on under the visual aids program. Not only will tape players no longer be lent, but repairs to them will not be covered by the program. You must also consider that only digital versions of audio books will be produced from now on and that, with analogue to digital conversion, cassettes can be expected to gradually disappear.

Top of the page.Q. What do I have to do to obtain an adapted playback device?

A. If you have a visual impairment, the best thing to do is contact the rehabilitation centre in your region. You will be able to borrow an adapted playback device free of charge under the visual aids program, if you are eligible for that program.