Assistive services

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) offers, free of charge, a range of services adapted to the needs of disabled persons. The services are provided by competent staff who are especially trained to meet the needs of the disabled, including:

  • welcome, orientation and accompaniment at the Grande Bibliothèque
  • locating and handling documents as required
  • reference and research assistance
  • assistance in using adapted equipment
  • guided tours and adapted activities

Like all patrons of BAnQ, disabled persons have free access to all collections, including large print books and films that are subtitled for the hearing impaired.

Sondage sur les besoins des personnes handicapées en matière de collections et de services de bibliothèque - Rapport final (French only) [PDF file - 806 ko]

Plan d'action relatif aux services adaptés [French only]

Politique d'accessibilité de BAnQ [French only]


Service québécois du livre adapté

The Service québécois du livre adapté (SQLA) provides collections and services specifically designed for people with perceptual disabilities.

Perceptual disability : A disability that prevents a person from using print publications, including, but not limited to, visual impairments, an inability to hold or manipulate printed materials, learning disabilities and impairments resulting from brain injuries.

BAnQ Web portal accessibility.


 Top Teletypewriter for the deaf and hard of hearing (TTY) and message relay centres

Public TTY

A teletypewriter (TTY) is available at the Grande Bibliothèque on one of the public phones located near the Avenue Savoie entrance (north side of the hall, in front of the Café des lettres).

Message relay centre

If you would like to contact BAnQ's user services by TTY, the message relay centre will connect you. You can call the centre by dialling 711 from your TTY. The following information will be useful to guide the telephone operator at the relay centre:

  • BAnQ's telephone number is 514 873-1100 (toll free: 1 800 363-9028);
  • BAnQ's telephone services for users are available during the Grande Bibliothèque’s opening hours;
  • for general information or questions about your loans or reservations, select Option 2 in the telephone menu displayed;
  • for information on materials or to speak to a librarian, select Option 3;
  • to contact one of BAnQ's archives facilities, select Option 4;
  • to contact the special collections reading room at BAnQ Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, select Option 5;
  • to call BAnQ's receptionist, dial 0.


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