Digital copy services

BAnQ provides its users with digital copies of documents that are part of its heritage collections and archives centres.

TopTo order

Reproduction requests must be submitted through the online reproduction request form.

Please fill in all the fields in the form. The request must include the following elements:

  • Complete contact information of the user (name, address and phone number)
  • Complete references for the document to be reproduced (title, author, year of publication, relevant pages, etc.), including the identification number
  • Type of reproduction and format
  • Purpose of the reproduction (e.g. personal use, publication, exhibition, Web site, etc.)

Please note that the quality of a reproduction may vary from one document to the next depending on the date of creation of the digital file and the condition of the original document.

BAnQ reserves the right to refuse that a document be reproduced if there is a risk of damaging it during the reproduction process.

For further information on document reproduction, please contact remote reference service.

Time frame

Requests are processed within 15 business days from date of payment. Urgent requests are handled within 5 business days from date of payment. Cost is double the basic rate for urgent requests.

Photographic products

Regular requests

15 business days from payment date

Urgent requests

5 business days from payment date

Digital file

Maximum 35 documents

Maximum 15 documents


Top Rates

See the schedule of fees and charges.


The total amount must be paid in advance by postal order or credit card (MasterCard, Visa); cash and debit card payment can only be made in person. Personal cheques are also accepted. Organizations who have been issued a client account number can pay upon receipt.

A BAnQ employee will contact the user to confirm the amount of the transaction and the payment terms.


Orders may be picked up by the client or mailed to the client. Digital files can be downloaded from a file transfer protocol (FTP) site. To have a message delivered by private courier, the user must provide the name of the courier company as well as its account number.

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