Documents excluded from interlibrary loans (ILL)

Generally, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) makes most of its published documents available to users through interlibrary loans. Certain documents, however, are excluded from interlibrary loans not only as a result of the mandates and objectives associated with the development of BAnQ’s collections, but also as a result of their fragility, format, media, exceptional value or rarity.

Documents excluded from ILL:

  • new releases published outside Québec
  • fiction movies on all media
  • multi-media documents
  • sound recordings
  • audio books (with the exception of those loaned to SQLA subscribers)
  • software
  • reference works
  • newspapers, magazines and periodical indexes
  • maps and plans
  • rare and exceptionally valuable documents
  • digital documents available online
  • documents from the Saint-Sulpice collection
  • binders
  • textbook answer keys
  • documents from the special collections
  • archive documents

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