Interlibrary loan (ILL) for BAnQ subscribers

ILL for BAnQ subscribers

The ILL service enables BAnQ subscribers to all services aged 14 or over to obtain a document that is not in BAnQ's collections by borrowing it from another library. BAnQ borrows the document or obtains a complete or partial reproduction of it in compliance with copyright legislation. BAnQ borrows documents from Québec, Canadian and foreign documentary organizations.

For subscribers to remote services who wish to obtain a document by ILL:

  • you can subscribe to all services in order to receive your BAnQ subscriber's card; or
  • if you subscribe to a library that is an ILL participant, you can ask it to borrow a document for you from BAnQ or another library.


Top ILL for subscribers to the Service québécois du livre adapté (SQLA)

Through their local library, SQLA subscribers can borrow audio books from BAnQ's universal collection. To take advantage of this service, SQLA subscribers must also be members of their local library. The audio books made available to SQLA subscribers through ILL are not adapted materials, but commercial editions that are available to all.

The borrowing of audio books is done according to the terms, conditions and rules of the subscriber's local library. To borrow an audio book, all you have to do is access the Iris catalogue through the Catalogue des bibliothèques du Québec to find what titles are available, and then make an ILL request. For more information, please refer to the Borrowing procedure.


Top ILL for subscribers of other ILL-participating libraries

If you are a subscriber to a library other than BAnQ, you can ask your library to obtain a document that is not in its collections. Your library's ILL service borrows the desired document from BAnQ or another library. You pick up the document at your library.


Top ILL procedure

This is how you can request an interlibrary loan (ILL):

  1. To start with, make sure BAnQ does not have a copy of the item desired by referring to the Iris catalogue.
  2. If BAnQ does not have a copy, go to the home page of the Catalogue des bibliothèques du Québec to submit an ILL request.
  3. In the left-side menu of this page, click on “Sign in” in the “My account” section, then enter your client number (eight digits) in the User ID field and your BAnQ password, and select “Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec” as your library of attachment. 
  4. Once you reach the page called “Standard search”, enter the title you are looking for in the “Search term” field.
  5. If you find the item you are looking for, click on “Get it!” under the title, to the right, then click on “Submit” on the following page.
  6. If you do not find the item you are looking for, click on “ILL request” in the “My account” section on the left-side menu.
  7. Please provide as much detail as possible in your ILL request. 
  8. Please fill out a separate ILL request for each of the items you want.
  9. If needed, consult Quick reference and Frequently asked questions.


This Web content may contain accessibility barriers.If you are unable to fill out this form, help is available.
Please contact us by dialing 514 873-1100 (Montréal region) or 1 800 363-9028, option 3 (all regions of Québec outside the Montréal region).

Top Follow-up of requests

Upon receipt of your request, BAnQ locates and borrows the document sought, taking into consideration criteria such as charge-free borrowing, availability of the document, distance from the lending library, etc.

You can track the progress of your request by accessing the Catalogue des bibliothèques du Québec and consulting the status of the request.

Top BAnQ's ILL terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of BAnQ 's ILL service comply with BAnQ's interlibrary loan policy (French only) and are determined by administrative by-law.

Maximum number of requests

  • 5 requests to borrow documents at a time;
  • 5 requests for reproductions (journal, magazine or newspaper articles, microfiches or parts of documents) at a time.

Borrowing conditions

The borrowing conditions (loan period, cost of loan, possibility of renewal, restrictions including consultation on-site, etc.) are determined by the lending libraries.


The service is very often free of charge, since BAnQ has reciprocity agreements with a number of Québec and Canadian libraries. However, if the document cannot be borrowed for free from one of those libraries, you will have to pay the fees charged by the lending library.

On the ILL request form, you are invited to specify the maximum amount you are willing to pay in the event that the lending library charges fees. If the fees exceed the maximum amount you have specified, BAnQ informs you of the fact before making the borrowing request.

BAnQ enters the costs incurred in your record; they are payable upon receipt of the document or reproductions.

Cancellation of a request

If, exceptionally, an ILL request has to be cancelled, please contact the ILL service by e-mail (peb@ or phone, specifying the request number.


When BAnQ receives the document:

  • staff contact you by e-mail or phone;
  • you have to stop by the information desk during the opening hours of the Grande Bibliothèque with your subscriber's card;
  • you have to pay any fees in order to obtain the document or reproduction.

A paper band accompanies the document. It provides the following information:

  • the request number;
  • the date of receipt by BAnQ;
  • the name of the requester;
  • the due date;
  • whether or not the loan can be renewed;
  • any restrictions.


Documents borrowed through the ILL service must be returned at the information desk during the opening hours of the Grande Bibliothèque.

In the event of late returns, the fines in force at BAnQ apply and will be entered in your record.


Some libraries permit loan renewals; others do not. This is specified on the band around the document. To renew a loan, please contact the ILL service by e-mail (peb@ or phone, specifying the request number, five days before the stated due date, in order to prevent documents from being overdue in the event that the lending library cannot authorize the renewal. BAnQ will inform you of the lending library's decision as quickly as possible.

Lost or damaged documents

If an ILL document you borrowed is lost or damaged, a bill will be sent to you upon receipt of the bill from the lending library, and the charge will be entered in your record.

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