ILL frequently asked questions


I looked in the catalogue and found the item I'm looking for. Can I make an ILL request?
When the desired item is listed in the catalogue, you cannot request it through the ILL service. However, you can borrow it or refer to it on-site at the Grande Bibliothèque. If the item has already been borrowed, you can reserve it.

Nothing happens when I click on the Catalogue des bibliothèques du Québec link or on the Access the Catalogue des bibliothèques du Québec icon.

When you click on the Catalogue des bibliothèques du Québec link or on the icon, a new window should open on the screen. If that doesn't happen, it may be that your Web browser, your firewall software or your antivirus software doesn't allow pop-ups to display. You have to activate the display of pop-ups in order to use the ILL online search tool.

What is my ILL identification number?
Your identification number is the eight-digit client number on the front of your subscriber's card.

I lost my password.
Read the “Forgot your password?” page for everything you need to know on this subject

I'm a BAnQ subscriber, but I get an error message when I log in.
The ILL service is not provided in the following circumstances:
  • You have a subscription to remote services only.
  • You are a child subscriber (aged 13 or under).
  • Your subscription has expired.
  • Your record is not in good standing (account balance greater than $10, flagged record, invalid address, etc.).

If your record is not in good standing or if your subscription has expired, please stop by the service desk to sort out your situation.

I found the item in the Catalogue des bibliothèques du Québec. How can I request it?

Select the result that seems the most complete and click on “ILL request” to automatically complete the form.

I didn't find the item in the Catalogue des bibliothèques du Québec. How can I request it?
If you have no search results, you can make an ILL request using the form provided for that purpose. To do so, click on “ILL request” in the menu at the left of the screen.

An error message appears in the "Maximum amount you agree to pay if the lending library charges a fee" field. What do I have to do?
Only numbers must be entered in the field. The $ sign, decimal point, comma and any other text are not accepted.

Not valid


3 $






What should be included "Special recommendations" field?
Enter everything likely to help BAnQ search for and identify the item you want, e.g. a specific edition.

Do I have to indicate the library that has the item?
No. The ILL service searches on the basis of criteria such as charge-free access, how near a library is, and the circulation policies of the various libraries, in order to provide the best service possible in the shortest time possible.

How can I check on the progress of my request?
Access the Catalogue des bibliothèques du Québec and click first on "My requests", then on "Search". Your requests will display.

Why was my request cancelled?

The most frequent reason is that the document is available in BAnQ's collections. Always consult the catalogue to make sure that BAnQ doesn't have the desired document. If BAnQ does have it, you can borrow it or consult it on-site at the Grande Bibliothèque. If the document has already been borrowed, you can reserve it.

A request may also be cancelled for the following reasons:
  • The information about the item is incomplete or erroneous.
  • No library has the item.
  • The item cannot be borrowed (on-site reference only, a rare or valuable document, etc.).
  • The item could not be found in the time specified.

BAnQ always contacts you to inform you of the reason for cancelling a request.

Are there materials I can't request by ILL?
Borrowing conditions are determined by lending libraries and can therefore vary from one to the next. Generally speaking, however, libraries do not allow interlibrary loans of the following types of materials:
  • new releases
  • audiovisual materials
  • multimedia materials
  • software and electronic materials
  • reference materials and materials for on-site reference only
  • rare and early books
  • cartographic materials
  • artists' books and bibliophilic books
  • photographs, prints, postcards, posters
  • brochures

How will I know my item has arrived and how will I be able to obtain it?
As soon as BAnQ receives the item, staff will contact you by email or by phone. You will then have to stop by the information desk during the opening hours of the Grande Bibliothèque with your subscriber's card. If the lending library charges fees, you will have to pay them when you pick up the item.

I submitted a request a month ago, but no one has contacted me about it yet. What happened?
It takes 10 to 15 work days, and sometimes more, for BAnQ to receive requested materials. If BAnQ hasn't contacted you, it means your request is progressing normally. Don't submit an additional request.

You can track your requests by accessing the Catalogue des bibliothèques du Québec and clicking first on “My requests”, then on “Search”.

How can I cancel an ILL request?
If, exceptionally, an ILL request has to be cancelled, please contact the ILL service by email ( or by phone and specify the request number.

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