Visitor use of multimedia stations at the Grande Bibliothèque

It is possible for a person who is not a BAnQ subscriber to use a multimedia station at the Grande Bibliothèque. This person is entitled to a visitor's card for no more than one (1) hour a day.

The visitor's card can be delivered to:

  • a visitor to Québec for a certain period of time and for various reasons: tourism, family visits, etc.;
  • a person with permanent resident status who has been in Québec for less than three (3) months;
  • a person awaiting permanent resident status who declares him- or herself a newcomer to Québec.

A person aged 14 years and over who wishes to obtain a visitor’s card must go to the information desk or to the National collection with a valid form of ID proving that he or she is not a resident of Québec. Youth aged 13 years and younger can also avail themselves of a visitor's card at the Espace Jeunes. The piece of ID could be:

  • a valid passport;
  • a driver's licence from another Canadian province or another country;
  • a valid national ID card from another country.

Please note that the visitor's card does not allow the use of the viewing stations.

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