On-site listening

Let the music begin!

The music and film section, on Level 4 of the Grande Bibliothèque, places at the disposal of music lovers listening stations that facilitate on-site consultation of sound works and music shows. The listening stations are available for users aged 14 or over, regardless of whether they are library subscribers.


Listening stations

There are 16 listening stations, to which there is open access: reservations are not required. You can sit at a station and listen undisturbed to the musical programming (in French only) of your choice. At the listening stations, there is a regularly changing selection of music. Two pairs of earphones are provided, so two people can listen simultaneously.

At the service of users

At the service desk of the music and film section, staff are on hand to assist you and provide you with basic instruction in operating the equipment. The staff also provide a help service during opening hours.


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