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BAnQ makes numerous services and collections available through remote access: the Iris and Pistard catalogues, the digital collection, the remote reference service, and more. In addition to providing these resources, a subscription to remote services lets you:

In order to borrow or reserve materials at the Grande Bibliothèque, you must subscribe to all services and obtain your subscriber's card.

Top.Subscribe to remote services

You must complete the remote services subscription form and provide a valid address to obtain your client number and password. You will receive a confirmation of your subscription by email and, in the following days, by postal mail. The confirmation will state your client number and password. You can change your password by going to "My record" on the home page of the Web portal.

You must be a Québec resident to subscribe to remote services. Joining is free.

Subscriptions to remote services are reserved exclusively for Québec residents. Non-residents of Québec can nevertheless subscribe to all services by paying for the duration of their subscription. However, remote access to journals, magazines, newspapers and databases requiring authentication is granted only to subscribers who live in Québec.

Top.Duration of subscription

The subscription remains valid for as long as you are a Québec resident.


When you join, you agree to:

Top.Modify record

You can change your land-line phone number or cell phone number, your email address or your password by going to "My record" or by contacting the library by phone or email, or in person.

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