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The story of film : an odyssey

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DVD 1. 1895-1918. The world DVDovers a new art form -- 1918-1928. The triumph of American film and the first of its rebels -- 1918-1932. The Great Rebel filmmakers around the world -- DVD 2. The 1930s. The great American movie genres and the brillance of European film -- 1939-1952. The devastation of war and a new movie language -- 1953-1957. The swollen story : world cinema bursting at the seams -- DVD 3. 1957-1964. The shock of the new, modern filmmaking in Western Europe -- 1965-1969. New waves sweep around the world -- 1967-1979. New American cinema -- DVD 4. 1969-1979. Radical directors in the 70s make state of the nation movies -- The 1970s and onward. Innovation in popular culture and around the world -- The 1980s. Moviemaking and protest around the world -- DVD 5. 1990-1998. The last days of celluloid, before the coming of digital -- The 1990s. The first days of digital : reality losing its realness in America and Australia -- 2000 onwards. Film moves full circle and the future of movies.

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