Application de la « Loi sur l'équité salariale » à BAnQ

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In order to apply the Pay Equity Act, BAnQ will pay amounts owing, as well as accumulated interest, to former staff members of the institution who are affected by this measure. However, a number of these people have moved and BAnQ is still trying to find them.

If you think you have the right as a former employee of BAnQ to a retroactive salary adjustment related to the application of the Pay Equity Act, please take note of the following information. 

Who is affected by this notice?

If you held one of the positions listed below at the Grande bibliothèque du Québec (GBQ) and this position existed on November 21, 2001 or if you held one of these positions at the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec (BNQ) on March 4, 2002 or at the Archives nationales du Québec (ANQ) on January 26, 2006, this notice applies to you.

BAnQ's pay equity programme applies only to the following employment categories:

100- Human Resources Counsellor

107- Cultural Officer

111- Administrative Assistant

112- Librarian

200- Desk Clerk

211- Office Assistant

217- Library Technician

221- Secretariat Officer

264- Administrative Technician

276- Receptionist

Director, Acquisitions and Processing of Library Materials, Lending collections

Director, Communications and Public Relations

Director, Human resources

Director, Customer service

Director, Corporate development


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