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Illustration, the opera Carmen: bull bleeding, stung by a rose.


Everything There Is to Know About Bizet's Carmen

Behind the scenes
of this famous opera.

At the Auditorium of the
Grande Bibliothèque
April 23, 5 pm and 7 pm
Early illustration ancienne, crowd taking in a show in a theater.

Online Ressource

Theatres in Montréal,

Early photograph, old general store of the Charles Robin Company in Percé.

Archival Photos

Road Trip

Grande Bibliothèque

À nous la glace!
L'ADN du hockey amateur

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aux médias
à l'école

Among the topics addressed: how to develop pupils' critical mind.

Culture Without Barriers

Discover the services and collections
provided to disabled people by BAnQ.

For Toddlers and Little Ones

All sorts of activities await. 

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The complete listing
of upcoming events

#GLAM 2019

Affirming the value of galleries, libraries and museums.

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