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Heritage Preservation

The Noble Art of Restoration

A man, a young girl and a snowman, and the words ''Activités gratuites''.

Grande Bibliothèque

'Tis the Season...

Enjoy a flurry of activities for all the family during the holidays. 

Don't miss Le p'tit chat d'Pont-Rouge, a show for kids, December 17, at the Auditorium.
Lionel Groulx.

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as told by
Lionel Groulx

Illustration of silhouettes of men and women of different colours.

Calling All BAnQ Subscribers

Wanted: 5 Members for the Patron Committee

Greeting cards and holiday season decoration.

December 16

The Christmas Market is Back

Borrow a Museum!

BAnQ offers free passes to visit the MMFA and the Centre d'histoire de Montréal. 

Unique Cultural Venues... host your events. Have a look.

Vinyls for All

Come listen to vinyl records. More than 300 blues, jazz and pop albums available.

Shall Wii?

Come show your skills at the Children's library video game tournament.

Coming Up

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French Conversation Workshops

For newcomers to Québec. Sign up
January 11.

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