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Mon cœur

From Jeanne Mance to François Barbeau, great figures who left their mark on the strategic island city come alive through the use of archival materials.

Landscape, Magdalen Island.

Archival Film

Welcome to the
Magdalen Islands!

Soldiers, First World War.

GLAM-BAnQ Project

Read Olivar Asselin's WW1 Dispatches

Illustration by Caroline Boileau.


Sneak a Peak at the Grande Bibliothèque's Diary

Mountain and water landscape.

BAnQ Across Quebec

BAnQ Saguenay:
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Leaf Through Le Soleil

The 1972-2006 period of this Québec daily newspaper is now available online.

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Booksellers' Alley

4 booksellers under the awning of the Grande Bibliothèque

Summer Movies for
Summer Days

Playing Sunday, August 20, Zootopia.

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Holiday Loans,
So Practical!

In the summer, keep your books twice as long.

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