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Video Vox Pop

Novels or Comic Books?

Several hands, joining. The word Francofête.

Gala and Public Reading

lire et écrire

Celebrating French as a second language. Part of this year's Francofête.

March 25, 2 pm
At the Auditorium of the
Grande Bibliothèque

A young woman and a young man in discussion.


How to
Write a
Business Plan

Image, kaleidoscope, bleu and black.

Creative Writing Workshop

La ruche
de poésie

Notepads. Cahier d'écriture. Notes de lecture.

Les Amis de BAnQ

The Petit Marché Is Here

Come and Meet Stéphanie Harvey

The Counter-Strike world champion answers your questions. Also, a lecture on streaming service Twitch.


You can now check out up to 25 books, CDs and DVDs!

Unique Cultural Venues... host your events. Have a look.

For Toddlers and Little Ones

All sort of activities await. 

Coming Up

The complete listing of
upcoming events

À rayons ouverts

Leaf through the latest issue, dedicated to the
Bibliothèque nationale.

Become an Ami
de BAnQ

...and help further the institution's outreach.

Press room

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