National library

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) brings together unique and precious heritage materials consisting of printed, audiovisual and digital collections, as well as archival fonds.

This heritage, which includes a practically exhaustive collection of Québec publications, Québec-related materials published elsewhere, foreign books published before 1801, collections of historical value, special collections (maps, posters, prints, etc.) as well as numerous private, government, civil and judicial archival fonds, attests to the cultural effervescence and transformation of Québec society from the early days of European colonization to the present day.

Location of the heritage collections

This exceptional heritage is located in several BAnQ facilities and rooms.

How are the heritage collections developed and enriched?

BAnQ intends to collect two copies of all documents published in Québec as well as Québec-related materials published outside Québec, namely those created by someone who is originally from Québec or which are about Québec. Books, brochures, newspapers, periodicals, government publications, maps and plans, sheet music, performing arts programmes, compact discs, etc. are brought together to represent the entire printed materials production of Québec.

The two copies are used for different purposes. The first is kept in the reserve collections at BAnQ Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, where it will be preserved for future generations. The second copy is made available to the public: most of these materials can be found in the Grande Bibliothèque, whereas the Special Collections can be viewed at BAnQ Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie.

The principal means for acquiring heritage materials and collections is through legal deposit, which was instituted in 1968. Publishers must provide copies, generally two, of every edition of any document published within the territory of Québec; this is done free of charge.

Items which are not covered by legal deposit are either purchased or acquired through donations and exchanges. These complementary means of acquisition have served to develop a complete collection of the materials production of Québec since 1968, most of what has been published in Québec since the start of local printing in 1764, as well as a major collection of foreign publications concerning Québec.

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