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Would you like to become acquainted with the great philosophers? Consult the Civil Code of Québec? Know everything about your astrological sign? Find out how Christmas is celebrated in Scandinavia? Read about self-esteem? Understand inter-religious conflicts?

To satisfy your curiosity and get the answers to your questions, you can consult the works in the human and social sciences collection. Located on Level 3 of the Grand Bibliothèque, this collection includes printed materials and online resources, such as:

  • numerous reference works;
  • a large variety of books, including new releases;
  • and e-books;
  • other online resources, including human and social science databases.


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The general reference works and the general or multidisciplinary databases are also good starting points for finding information on the topics.


Librarians are available, on site and remotely, to help you choose and use the appropriate research tools to satisfy your information needs.

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