The film collection

On the silver screen of your sleepless nights

From fiction to non-fiction to musicals, from classics to German expressionism to Hollywood superproductions, not to forget the latest film by a Québec director, the music and film section offers a vast range of films that will have you laughing till you cry or shivering with fright:

  • comedies
  • documentaries
  • dramas
  • action films
  • animated films
  • fantasy and horror films
  • musicals and shows
  • crime films and suspense films
  • practical guides
  • TV series

Our in-house classification system will help you quickly find the films you're looking for.

Whether on DVD or VHS, most films are available for loan. You can also take advantage of a selection of films set aside for on-site viewing in the viewing room or at viewing stations.

Children's films are available at Espace Jeunes, located on Level M.


TopHandling and maintenance of materials

In order to ensure optimal use, disks must be handled carefully. If a problem occurs during use, please report it when you return the item to the Grande Bibliothèque.

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