The multilingual collection

Would you like to read Cervantes in Spanish? Goethe in German? Tolstoy in Russian?

Would you like to read documents in a language other than French or English?

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) places at its patrons' disposal a collection of approximately 20,000 documents for adults and 4,000 documents for children in the following languages:

The collection is composed mainly of non-fiction works on a variety of subjects (arts and architecture, biography, customs and folklore, flora and fauna, geography, history, languages, music, religion, sports and recreation, etc.). There is also a collection of works of fiction (novels, short stories, poetry, plays, comic books, etc.).

This collection is located on level 2 of the Grande Bibliothèque as well as in the Espace Jeunes.

In addition, BAnQ provides its patrons with a print and electronic collection of journals, magazines and newspapers in foreign languages from around the world, a collection of language methods, dictionaries and grammars and a collection of books in French and in English for newcomers. The music and film collection also offers documents in various languages. By visiting the language laboratory, you can also consolidate your linguistic skills.

And finally, children can listen to stories in French, in English and in Inuktitut, on line and over the phone; other languages will soon follow, such as Arabic, Spanish and Montagnais.

Our partners

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