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Dictionnaire des auteurs de langue française en Amérique du Nord

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The digital version of this major reference work by Réginald Hamel, John Hare and Paul Wyczynski, published in 1989 by Les Éditions Fides, is now available in the digital collection. The dictionary is used extensively wherever French literature courses are given in North America and researchers specialize in the study of Québec cultural life.


Dictionnaire des jeux de Jacques Lacombe, 1792

A presentation of 90 games of chance and card games people played for entertainment in the days of the French Revolution. A number of the games have disappeared, but some are still very popular today.


Dictionnaire des oeuvres littéraires du Québec

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This essential reference tool, whose ongoing production started in 1971 on Maurice Lemire‘s initiative and which is being published by Éditions Fides, will be progressively issued in an unabridged digital version by BAnQ. 


Dictionnaire généalogique des familles canadiennes de Cyprien Tanguay

Despite its shortcomings and even though it has been supplemented and corrected by more recent compilations, this genealogical dictionary by Cyprien Tanguay, published between 1871 and 1890, is still today an essential tool for genealogical research in Québec from the origins of the French colony to 1760.


L'annuaire du Québec, 1996-2008

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Published twice per year, L’annuaire du Québec provided factual information about Québec in all fields. It also provided a political, economic and social summary of Québec for the previous year along with analyses produced by specialists concerning all of the major issues faced by Québec. In 2009, L’annuaire du Québec became L’état du Québec.


L'état du Québec, 2009

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Successor to L’annuaire du Québec (1995-2008), L’état du Québec provides a portrait of contemporary Québec each year, covering current events and combining economic, social, cultural, demographic and political approaches. Designed to disseminate the work of the best specialists and journalists in a pedagogical manner, this publication provides reliable, rigorous and non-partisan expert information about the issues of our time.


Palmarès reconstitués de la chanson au Québec

This collection of materials from a variety of sources recreates hit parades of songs in Québec starting in 1949. The methodology followed by Michel Gignac, the author of the work, is also included.


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