Displaying results


Results list.

This example displays the beginning of the first page of results from the Advanced search All : polish people canad*, which retrieved 25 items. The asterisk (*) lets you retrieve variations, e.g. canad* lets you retrieve Canada, Canadian, and so on. The 25 results are displayed over three pages, at the pace of 10 items per page.

Whether you’re doing a Quick or an Advanced search, the materials corresponding to your request form a list of results. Just click on a title to display the item’s bibliographic entry and find out its location.

The Refine search option is displayed on the left-hand side of the page, whereas the current search terms (your request), is located above the results list and the number of items retrieved.

As for the results of the alphabetical search, they consist in a segment from either one of the following lists: All titles, All authors, All subjects, and so on, included in the catalogue.


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