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Iris catalog-Quick search-all-Michael Ondaatje.

The above example illustrates how you can retrieve all types of materials by Michael Ondaatje, or materials of which he is the subject, whether they be books, CDs, DVDs, electronic resources, and so on.

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hateship friendship alice munro
personal computer initiation
creati* psycholog*
"continuing education"

Search terms can be words of a title, parts of a subject or a person’s name and so on. They can also be a combination of those, as is the case in the examples above. Quick search looks through all the following indexes at the same time: Title, Author, Subject, Collection, Content and Formatted contents.

In Quick search, selected indexes correspond to the index All in Advanced search. To search in a specific index, use Advanced search.

Enter one word or several: AND between the words is implied (you do not have to type it in). The results of your search will only include materials for which the bibliographic entry contains all the words you entered.

Words can be entered in any order.

You do not have to use capital letters or accents, nor do you have to enter common words such as “the” and “and” (or in French le, la, l', les…).

The asterisk (*) is very useful for retrieving possible variations at the end of a word. For example: creati* (with no space after the “i”) will retrieve creative, creation, creativity… (but not creator…).

A plural word ending in s is automatically retrieved when the singular of the word is searched for. For example: teacher retrieves teachers. The opposite is also true. For example: ministers also retrieves minister.

Quotation marks (" ") are used to retrieve a precise phrase.

Types of materials



Quick search, music, Leonard Cohen.

The above example illustrates how you can retrieve the music CDs of Leonard Cohen, but not his books nor his films.

By default, Quick search retrieves all types of materials. A simple click lets you limit the search to the following types of materials.

Books: they include printed books, e-books, books in Braille, audio books on CDs and so on.

Music: it includes music CDs, single and LP records (45 and 33-rpm), music tapes and digitized sound records.

Films: they can be on DVD, videocassette or on digital file.

Journals, magazines and newspapers: they include digital, print and microform-supported journals, magazines and newspapers.

Images: they can include posters, postcards, prints and other types of images available in print or digital format.

To select other types of materials or to enter other limits, use Advanced search.

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