Advanced search

Advanced search.

With Advanced search, you can rephrase a very precise search by selecting one or more specific indexes (All, Title, Author, Subject, etc.), unlike Quick search, in which many indexes are searched at the same time. In addition, Advanced search lets you select criteria to limit the search. Your results list will include items for which the bibliographic entry contains the words of your request within the selected index. If you entered criteria to limit your search, these will also have been taken into account.

To do a combined search in a number of indexes, you only have to link the various search windows using the operators AND, OR and NOT.

  • AND: all terms
  • OR: only one of the terms
  • NOT: to exclude a term

Author Bissoondath Publisher Cormorant Books.

This example lets users find works by Neil Bissoondath published by Cormorant Books.

Other examples:

  • Title: Paris 1919 AND Author: Margaret Macmillan
  • Author: Mavis Gallant AND Collection: New Canadian Library
  • Publisher: Coach House AND Subject: poetry
  • Subject: aerospace engineer*
  • Subject: costume history AND Subject: 20th century
    (for the same result: Subject: costume history 20th century)

You can enter one word or several within the same search window: AND is implied (you do not have to enter it). An item will be included in your results list only if all the words you requested appear in the bibliographic entry area that corresponds to the index selected for that window.

The following points, which also apply to Quick search, apply to Advanced search as well:

  • Words can be entered in any order;
  • Plural forms ending in s are automatically retrieved;
  • the asterisk (*) can be used to retrieve variations at the end of a word;
  • users does not have to use capital letters, accents or common words such as "the" and "and".


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