My basket

Your basket is a handy space for saving the list of bibliographic entries you selected while you were searching. To do this, use the Add to basket. button. This button appears when the list of results or the bibliographic entry is displayed. Once you have added the item to your basket, the button changes to Remove from basket..

To save your entries in your basket from one session to the next, you must first sign in (by clicking on My record) before adding any items. If you add entries to your basket during an anonymous session, they will only be kept for a few minutes and then be automatically erased.

To access your basket, simply click on My basket, as shown in the image below. As long as you first signed in, your basket will contain the entries you added during your current session as well as those added in previous sessions.

View basket.

You can change the order of the items in your basket (sort by year of publication, author, or title). You can also print the contents of your basket or send it by e-mail. You can remove the entries from the basket one at a time or empty it all at once.

Idea.Using your basket to make a note of books to read, CDs and films

Do you tend to write down your ideas about what to read here and there, on little pieces of paper, or save them in a file or a notebook, waiting for the moment when you can use them?

To keep track of your good ideas, make a habit of adding the titles of books, films and music to your basket and you will never find yourself lost without your reading ideas, even if you make an unplanned trip to the library! To ensure that the contents of your basket are saved, you must first sign in.

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