Using Search history, you can display all the searches you have done since the beginning of your current work session and do the same searches again. The history is temporary and will be automatically erased if the computer station is not used for several minutes. To save searches so that you can retrieve the results during a later work session, you must first sign-in before carrying out a search (by clicking on My record). You will then be able to save your searches, using the search history from your current work session.

Search history.


To redo a search, click on Search or on the underlined entry. By doing this, you will retrieve the list of results that corresponds to the complete entry, including the options you chose to limit the search, starting from your request, or to refine the search, starting from the list of results.


You can save your search history so that it can be retrieved during later work sessions, as long as you signed-in before you began (by clicking on My record). If you did not sign-in before beginning your search, the Save button will not be displayed in the search history. Once you have saved a search, the Save button is no longer shown. This can be seen in the last search example displayed above, chopin rubinstein piano.


If you click on Edit you can display the search screen with your request and the limits you assigned to it, if applicable. You can then edit your request.


Note that, in search history, the limits are shown after the entry, as can be seen in the example, water management quebec 5 hits Date: >=2010. If you edit this search, the date limit, Date: >=2010, remains activated on the advanced search screen.


Note that the criteria you chose using the Refine search option are displayed in parentheses in the entry, as in the first example displayed above (Author, Language).

If you edit this search, the criteria you selected to refine your search are not applied. This is because the Edit button is used to display the search screen with the request (and its limits, if there are any). However, the Refine search option applies to the list of results (and not to the request).


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