Please click on the title of the activity you wish to attend. Tickets can be reserved during the month preceding the date of the activity. In the case of activities taking place in an auditorium, a ticketing fee of $5/ticket (taxes included) applies. There is no fee for obtaining tickets for other venues. People who turn up without tickets will only be admitted if there are still places available.

Parents: Parents accompanying children to activities for kids are not required to procure a ticket for themselves, except for shows in an auditorium.


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Date Type Title Serie Location
1549476000000 1549486800000 43 504 6 February 2019 Conférence LES ACADIENS BAnQ Québec
1549670400000 1549677600000 43 9990 8 February 2019 Conférence LES ALLUMETIÈRES BAnQ Gatineau
1550500200000 1550509200000 43 9990 18 February 2019 Conférence CLASSER VOS DOCUMENTS D’ARCHIVES BAnQ Gatineau
1550685600000 1550696400000 43 504 20 February 2019 Conférence LES CONTRATS DE MARIAGE BAnQ Québec
1550930400000 1550941200000 43 504 23 February 2019 Conférence PREMIER CONTACT AVEC LA GÉNÉALOGIE BAnQ Québec
1552741200000 1552752000000 43 504 16 March 2019 Conférence PREMIER CONTACT AVEC LA GÉNÉALOGIE BAnQ Québec
1557322200000 1557331200000 43 9990 8 May 2019 Conférence NAVIGUER SUR LE PORTAIL DE BAnQ BAnQ Gatineau

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