Discovery workshops

Travelling in Québec, then and now: Tourism in BAnQ’s collections

Bonjour Neighbour

Anonyme, Bonjour Neighbour,
advertising item, Québec,
Service provincial du tourisme,
between 1946 and 1961.

From the romantic travellers of the 19th century to the campers of the 1970s, from elitist vacations to present-day mass tourism, from steamboats to automobiles, and from private initiatives to government involvement, tourism in Québec has undergone profound changes in the last two centuries. BAnQ’s collections bear witness to this evolution with travel guides, postcards, posters, maps, photographs, amateur movies, and so on. Echoing the publication of the book Destination Québec, this activity takes you on a journey through time and space in Québec. Create your à la carte discovery workshop with the following eight topics: