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BAnQ celebrates its 10th anniversary: A decade spent enriching the memory, culture and knowledge of all Quebecers

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) is celebrating its 10th anniversary today. In fact, on January 31, 2006, this new entity was officially launched, when Bill 69 went in effect, amending the Act respecting the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec, the Archives Act and other legislative provisions. This date marks the introduction of Archives nationales du Québec within the institution and the start of a wonderful history of complementarity between archival science and library science.

On January 31, 2006, BAnQ became the largest cultural institution in Québec. Preserving and promoting Québec’s heritage materials along with a vast universal collection for the benefit of current and future generations, it has developed and continues to develop an unparalleled model that includes a large-scale public library, a national library, national archives and a large virtual library. Over the past ten years, it has made unique services available to citizens.   

“The creation of BAnQ marks a milestone in the history of Québec,” said Christiane Barbe, Chair and Chief Executive Officer. “For 10 years, we have been contributing to the enrichment of the memory, culture and knowledge of all Quebecers and we intend to continue to grow by investing all our know-how in this crucial mission. ”

The institution’s major projects include BAnQ numérique, for which the first phase was launched last December. This new platform, which already contains all of BAnQ’s online digital resources, will eventually bring together the institution’s entire digital offer on a single site, which is both user-friendly and easy to access. The platform BAnQ numérique, the institution's flagship project for 2020, is being developed with financing obtained under Québec’s Plan culturel numérique (http://culturenumerique.mcc.gouv.qc.ca/).

Moreover, BAnQ intends to continue to demonstrate its leadership in the library and information community, in addition to making the Grande Bibliothèque and all of its buildings propitious living spaces where all citizens can gather and find fulfilment.

It goes without saying that, in the wake of the news that Bibliothèque Saint-Sulpice has returned to the fold of BAnQ, we will make developing the refreshing Saint-Sulpice Incubator project, which is dedicated to creating a unique creative living space for teenagers, a priority.


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BAnQ, 10 Years On

Saint-Sulpice Library Back in BAnQ's Fold

The stately building will house the Incubator, a new model of civic space in the heart of Montréal.

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La bibliothèque, la nuit

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  • Une Petite québécoise devant l'histoire

    Une Petite québécoise devant l'histoire
    Lionel Groulx
    Collection patrimoniale

  • Star Wars : Jedi Academy

    Star Wars : Jedi Academy
    Jeffrey Brown

  • Je veux une maison faite de sorties de secours

    Je veux une maison faite de sorties de secours
    Claudia Larochelle (dir.)

  • La chute de la Nouvelle-France

    La chute de la Nouvelle-France
    Bertrand Fonck et Laurent Veyssière (dir.)

  • La fête sauvage

    La fête sauvage
    Véronique Côté et autres

  • Les Pèlerins de la grande escarboucle

    Les Pèlerins de la grande escarboucle
    Eugène Achard
    Collection patrimoniale

  • Ukraine à fragmentation

    Ukraine à fragmentation
    Frédérick Lavoie

  • Eden Motel

    Eden Motel
    Philippe Ducros

  • TAGuée

    Emmanuel Lauzon

  • Wildflower

    Drew Barrymore

  • Biographies et portraits d'écrivains canadiens

    Biographies et portraits d'écrivains canadiens

    Collection patrimoniale

  • Atlas mondial des femmes

    Atlas mondial des femmes
    Isabelle Attané et autres (dir.)

  • Jusqu'à la chute

    Jusqu'à la chute
    Catherine Lafrance

  • Discours d'un arbre sur la fragilité des hommes

    Discours d'un arbre sur la fragilité des hommes
    Olivier Bleys

  • Le test du marshmallow

    Le test du marshmallow
    Walter Mischel

  • Les oiseaux du Canada

    Les oiseaux du Canada
    C.-E. Dionne
    Collection patrimoniale

  • Maximisez votre temps

    Maximisez votre temps
    Mark Matteson

  • Des bibliothèques pleines de fantômes

    Des bibliothèques pleines de fantômes
    Jacques Bonnet

  • The Weight of Things

    The Weight of Things
    Marianne Fritz
    ePub, OverDriveRead

  • Alimentation, régimes ... et allergies

    Alimentation, régimes ... et allergies
    Agnès Delavault

  • Le pain de ménage

    Le pain de ménage
    Eugénie Paré
    Collection patrimoniale

  • Un point partout

    Un point partout
    Hervé Eugène

  • Un secret du docteur Freud

    Un secret du docteur Freud
    Éliette Abécassis

  • Finale

    Thomas Mallon

  • Le miroir se brisa

    Le miroir se brisa
    Agatha Christie

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